Earn Course Credit

How do I get Course Credit For Service?

Since Spring 2014, volunteers engaging in signficant service experience, such as an Alternative Break have had the opportunity to enroll in REC 300, “Civic Engagement Experiences” through the Department of Recreation and Park Administration. This course is designed for Alternative Breaks and other Significant Service Projects where Students engage in structured civic engagement activities that include the opportunity to complete necessary community or agency projects, engage in dialogue with various community or agency representatives, and work toward the goal of enhancing the local environment or community.

A significant service experience is a service experience where you are doing around 40 contact hours of experential learning with a community service partner.  Therefore, students who engage in long-term service projects with a community partner, could recieve academic credit.  If you are interested in seeing if your service qualifies, contact William.Keaton@eku.edu

This course is worth one credit hour per semester, and each student may repeat this course up to six times during their academic tenure at Eastern Kentucky University.

This course is designed as a community-based learning experience through which Volunteers will explore the relationship between citizenship, servant leadership, personal values, and career goals.

How do I register?

To register you register for REC 300: Civic Engagement Experiences, CRN:25767.  This is a partial term course offere Spring 2016: February 22nd through April 3rd, 2016.  Students must participate in a Significant Service expereince for this course, therefore make sure to have registered for an Alternative Break or identified another significant experience, prior to registering.

What are the Requirements of the Course?

There are four main requirements for the course:

  1. Civic Engagement Project – Each student is required to participate in a significant civic engagement project. Active and positive participation is essential and necessary; active and positive participation shall be determined and evaluated by the instructor.
  2. Log Your Hours – Each student is required to log the hours of their service experience in EKU volunteer management database OrgSync.  Logging hours allows them to track and verify their service
  3. Civic Engagement Reflective Journal – Each student is required to keep a personal journal during their civic engagement project. Each day after the student’s civic engagement obligations are fulfilled, they will write a single page reflection. Each journal entry shall be an honest reflection relating the civic engagement project to the learning outcomes of this course.  The journal can also be submitted as Blog or Video Blog entries.
  4. Civic Engagement Assessment Survey – Each student is required to complete an assessment of their civic engagement participation. This assessment includes a personal introspection of the entire experience, evaluation of participation, and personal opinions related to specific outcomes of the course.